Orlando is a homage to the classic of the same name by Virgina Woolf and thus at the same time to classical literature in general. This project was created with the literary film festival ‚Litfilms‘, which takes place in Münster. We discovered Virgina Woolf when we went to the bookstore in search of a suitable classic. We were very impressed how she managed to do it at such an early time and dared to take up the topic of gender roles and gender identity.

We tried to present the topic in an abstract way, because the plot is also very complex to understand. It leaves a lot of room for your own thoughts, but still lets you see the plot clearly.

We animated with Adobe’s program Fresco, because we wanted to try out the animation with layers and the existing live brushes there. We planned and designed everything together, then divided the individual scenes among themselves, and then we put everything together in AfterEffects. There we did the details, music and editing.