Grandma's Automaton

In Grandma’s Automaton, a large group project, we mimicked a real 3DAnimation pipeline.



We were a motley team of 8 3d interested people who wanted to take on the challenge of a small 3d animated video together. The result was Grandma’s Automaton, which we designed as a video game trailer. We first thought about a background story (which is also told in the audio, but which is in German), then we spent a lot of time on worldbuilding and character creation. Then everyone did what they did best, and everyone gave insight to each other. David, for example, finally put all the characters together in Unreal Engine and so that he didn’t just do it alone, he gave us a few lessons in this program.

I took over the part of the character development of the dear robot, at the same time the modeling of him. Furthermore the story creation and the writing of the letter (background audio). Together with our lecturer we got the opportunity to try out and integrate his MoCap suit several times.